Transfers & Postings

Ahmedabad ITAT transfers appeals involving assessed-income below Rs.50 lakhs to SMC-bench

Ahmedabad ITAT transfers all appeals involving assessed income below Rs. 50 lakhs to Single Member Cases (‘SMC’) bench, gives effect

Jun 02,2016

CBDT effects pan-India annual transfer of over 500 IRS officers

CBDT orders 111 inter-city transfers and 62 local transfers in the grade of Asst. CITs and local transfers of 70

May 17,2016

ITAT Member Shri B.C.Meena transferred from Indore to Jaipur bench

Shri B. C. Meena, Accountant Member, Indore ITAT is transferred to Jaipur ITAT in the same capacity w.e.f. May 20, 2016.

May 17,2016

CBDT announces ‘inter-city’ transfers of Asst./Dy CITs

CBDT orders ‘inter-city’ transfers/postings of officers in the grade of Assistant/Deputy CITs; Transfers 65 officers with immediate effect and until

May 10,2016

Ms. Pawan Parmar Singh (CCIT-4) to hold additional charge for International-Tax (West Zone)

CBDT vide Order No.83/2016 dated May 5, 2016 announce additional charge in the grade of CCIT; Ms. Pawan Parmar Singh (CCIT

May 06,2016

Pragya Saksena appointed new Competent Authority, to take charge as Joint Secy. (FT&TR-I)

Indian Government appoints new Competent Authority, Ms Pragya Saksena appointed as  Joint Secretary (FT&TR-I) for the balance period of her tenure upto

May 06,2016

CBDT announces local transfers /postings of Addl./Jt. CITs & CITs in new AAR benches

CBDT announces local transfers/ postings in the grade of Additional / Joint CITs and CITs with immediate effect; Transferred officers are posted

Apr 19,2016

CBDT: Mr. Arvind Modi to hold additional charge as Head of Tax Policy Research Unit

CBDT announces additional charge for Mr. Arvind Modi (CCIT, Delhi); Mr. Arvind Modi to hold additional charge as head of Tax Policy Research Unit (‘TPRU’) for following up

Apr 12,2016

CBDT promotes 250 officers to the grade of Joint Commissioner on ad-hoc basis

CBDT promotes 250 officers to the grade of Joint Commissioner purely on adhoc basis with effect from April 1, 2016or assumption

Mar 21,2016

3 ITAT members transferred; Change in Bangalore, Ahmedabad bench composition

3 ITAT members transferred; Change in Bangalore, Ahmedabad bench composition 

Mar 08,2016