SC: SC - Parliament can legislate laws that have extra-territorial application subject to conditions

The Supreme Court held that "Parliament may exercise its legislative powers with respect to extra-territorial aspects or causes only when such extra-territorial aspects or causes have, or are expected to

Mar 02,2011

SC: Interest payable on non payment of advance tax under MAT

Interest under Sections 234B and 234C shall be payable on failure to pay advance tax in respect of tax payable under MAT provisions

Jan 14,2011

SC: Allowability of deduction u/s 80HHC from Book Profit under MAT

The Honourable Supreme Court in the case Ajanta Pharma Ltd held that 100% of the eligible export profits earned by the assessee were eligible for reduction under clause (iv) of Explanation to

Jan 13,2011

SC: "Revaluation Reserve" under MAT provisions.

Credit to the P&L account for withdrawal from "Revaluation reserve" cannot be reduced in computing "book profit" for MAT: SC

Jan 12,2011