ITAT: Data center payments not taxable in India as “royalty”

Payment for processing at data center not taxable as “royalty” under India - Singapore treaty

May 16,2011

ITAT: Sec 50C not attracted on transfer of ‘lease right’ in land

Sec 50C not attracted on transfer of ‘lease right’ in land

May 13,2011

ITAT: 'Fair rent' not to be determined based on 'notional interest' on security deposit

Notional interest on security deposit not a concluding factor to decide 'fair rent'

May 13,2011

ITAT: Stamp duty rates as on April 1st 1981 cannot be considered as cost

Stamp Duty rates as on April 1st 1981 cannot be taken as fair value to compute cost of asset: Agra ITAT 

May 12,2011

ITAT: Set off of business losses beyond 8 years allowed under MAT

Under MAT, business losses can be carried forward beyond 8 years –

May 11,2011

ITAT: Housing finance cos eligible for deduction on loan securitisation income

Loan securitization income eligible for deduction u/s 36(1)(viii) being income from long term housing finance business: Chennai ITAT   

May 10,2011

ITAT: Interest on tax refund taxable on gross basis for foreign company  

Interest on tax refund earned by foreign company having PE in India taxable on gross basis under Article 11: ITAT Delhi Special bench  

May 06,2011

ITAT: ITAT rejects “excessive profit” claim of AO u/s 10B(7) 

Profits cannot be held as ‘excessive’ u/s 10B(7) merely based on suspicion; deduction u/s10B available

May 06,2011

ITAT: Payment for tooling development taxable as 'FTS'  

Payment made for developing ‘tooling’ and validating new manufacturing process taxable as FTS –

May 05,2011

ITAT:  Deduction u/s 80IB not allowable on PF disallowance 

Deduction u/s 80IB not allowable on PF disallowance; ITAT says disallowance not a profit from eligible business

May 04,2011