May 03,2012

Sec 263 revision by DIT  directing AO to conduct further enquiry without examining  assessment order on merits held invalid; DIT ought to have concluded applicability of Sec 44D vs Sec 44BB to seismic data receipts;

May 03,2012

Reassessment notice u/s 148 need not accompany reasons for re-opening; Re-assessment valid even though reasons for re-opening provided beyond limitation period of six years; Co-ordinate bench decision in Haryana Acrylic

May 03,2012

Consideration for software purchased from Indian residents not 'royalty'; No TDS applicable u/s 194J; ITAT ruling in Solid Works Corporation followed; Favourable view taken by Delhi HC in Ericsson upheld

May 02,2012

Retirement benefits received from former employer Enron USA for services rendered outside India do not accrue or arise in India u/s 9; Employee who is ‘resident but not ordinarily resident’

May 01,2012

Sec 14A disallowance not attracted on co-operative society declaring loss and not claiming Sec 80P deduction; Dividend income received from other co-operative societies not excluded from total income in view

Apr 30,2012

Assessee claims taxability of income from seismic survey applying Sec 44BB;  Assessee claims it has PE in India and contests AO's decision to tax receipts on gross basis u/s 115A

Apr 30,2012

Assessment & DRP orders not ‘time barred’ or ‘illegal’, if TPO  makes no TP adjustment; Draft assessment order and DRP directions are pre-assessment procedures of aid and guidance; Any 'irregularity'

Apr 30,2012

Income surrendered during survey by IT dept not to be added to 'business profits' for computing Sec 80HHC deduction; Treating the surrendered amount as 'business income' results into anomalies in

Apr 28,2012

Commission/brokerage received by an international reinsurance broker not taxable as 'fees for technical services’ under Article 13 of India-UK DTAA; No technical knowledge, experience, skill, know-how, processes  ‘made available’ by