Litigation Tracker

Bom HC admits Revenue’s appeal on Set India's Sec 80HHF deduction

Bombay HC admits IT Dept’s appeal against Mumbai ITAT ruling in Set India Pvt. Ltd.’s case; ITAT had allowed Sec

Jun 26,2014

SC Admits Revenue’s SLP on amalgamated company’s entitlement over amalgamting company's unabsorbed depreciation

SC admits Revenue’s SLP against Bombay HC judgement in Finolex Cables Ltd.’s case; HC, dismissing Revenue’s appeal, had allowed assessee

Jun 02,2014

Bombay HC admits Revenue appeal, to determine if parent company's support constitutes PE

Bombay HC admits Revenue appeal against Pune ITAT ruling in EPCOS AG (a German company); ITAT had held assessee did

May 13,2014

Writ before Karnataka HC challenges validity of Sec 206AA applicability to non-resident payments

Writ petition filed before Karnataka HC challenging the validity of applicability of Sec 206AA on non-resident payments; Petitioner contends that

May 07,2014

Uttarakhand HC admits Revenue appeal on Sec. 44BB; Says Enron ruling covers different situation

Uttarakhand HC admits IT Dept’s appeal in BG International Ltd.’s case on applicability of Sec. 44BB & non-resident's PE status

May 02,2014

Bombay HC admits Revenue appeal on deduction for fully convertible-bond issue expenses

Bombay HC admits IT Dept’s appeal on deduction for expenses on issue of foreign currency fully convertible bonds by Mahindra

Apr 29,2014

Oracle challenges constitutional vaidity of Sec.142(2A) amendment expanding special audit scope

Delhi HC issues notice to Revenue over writ petition filed by Oracle India Pvt. Ltd. challenging constitutional validity of amendment

Apr 28,2014

Karnataka HC grants partial relief to Vodafone South against Single Judge order

Karnataka HC division bench (‘HC’), pursuant to appeal against the Single Judge order in writ-petition, provides marginal relief to Vodafone

Apr 23,2014

Sec 234B liability position needs to be settled once for all, says SC

SC grants leave in appeal filed by Revenue in Inmarsat Ltd’s case; SC says issue raised in appeal is directly

Apr 17,2014

SC: Admits Revenue's SLP on inland haulage inclusion as shipping income under treaty

SC admits Revenue’s appeal against Bombay HC decision in Safmarine Container Lines, Belgium (assessee) case; SLP admitted on issue of

Apr 09,2014