Litigation Tracker

Google India’s hearing on Adwords program taxability to begin tomorrow

Google India’s hearing on taxability of adwords programme for AY 2009-10 to 2013-14 to begin tomorrow; ITAT refuses to entertain

Mar 05,2018

HC: Admits writ on taxation of gains on land conversion into stock-in-trade under JDA

Karnataka HC admits taxpayer’s writ challenging re-assessment order on the issue of taxability of transfer of land under Joint Development

Feb 28,2018

HC: Bengaluru ITAT to hear Google India’s appeals from March 5th onwards; Calls for mid-April disposal

Karnataka HC directs Bengaluru ITAT to expeditiously hear and dispose of Google India’s pending appeals on or before  April 16th

Feb 27,2018

Karnataka HC gives interim relief to Flipkart; Stays substantial tax demand

Karnataka HC modifies ITAT order on stay of demand, directs Flipkart India Pvt Ltd. (‘assessee’) to further deposit Rs.10 cr. against

Feb 23,2018

ITAT rejects Google's bench transfer plea, says no evidence to support scandalous allegations

ITAT President Shri G D Agrawal, on perusal of Google's request for bench transfer (outside Bengaluru), Department's strong objections, views

Feb 22,2018

Delhi HC to decide PE constitution for GE Group entities in India

Delhi HC admits GE group entities’ appeal challenging ITAT order; ITAT had upheld Revenue’s claim for constitution of fixed place PE

Feb 21,2018

HC: Refuses Google's 'indirect' appeal for absolute stay of ITAT order

Karnataka HC dismisses Google India’s plea for absolute stay of ITAT order holding Adwords Program payment as royalty; Accepts Revenue’s stand that “the

Feb 16,2018

HC: Division Bench holds Single Judge order on stay as 'reasonable'; Dismisses Google's appeal

Karnataka HC Division Bench dismisses Google India's (assessee)  writ appeal, refuses to interfere with the Single Judge order directing additional

Feb 14,2018

ITAT : Advances hearing over AO re-characterizing Flipkart's discounts bonanza as monopoly building capital-expense

Bengaluru ITAT directs Flipkart India Pvt Ltd. (‘assessee’) to pay 50% of demand of Rs.109.52 Cr and furnish bank guarantee

Feb 08,2018

Software taxability matter posted for March hearing; Revenue to serve notice

SC posts cross appeals of several taxpayers and Revenue on the issue of software taxability for hearing in March; SC

Jan 31,2018