CBDT: India-Austria sign protocol to broaden the scope of information exchange for curbing tax-evasion

India - Austria sign Protocol to amend its existing DTAA to i) broaden the scope of exchange of tax related

Feb 07,2017

OECD's CBCR peer review to evaluate countries on confidentiality, legal & EOI framework

OECD releases documents outlining terms of reference and methodology which will form basis of peer review process for Action 13

Feb 03,2017

OECD invites taxpayers' input for stage-1 peer review for 7 jurisdictions

OECD invites taxpayers’ inputs on peer reviews of Dispute Resolution (BEPS Action Plan 14) for the Stage 1 peer review

Jan 30,2017

Thailand becomes the 139th member to join the Global Forum for EOI

Thailand becomes the 139th member to join the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information (’EOI’) for tax purposes;

Jan 27,2017

CBDT : Notifies ‘effective date’ for revised India – Cyprus DTAA as April 1, 2017

CBDT notifies revised India Cyprus DTAA signed on November 18 and entered into force on December 14 , 2016; All

Jan 13,2017

CBDT's Commitee to chalk-out impelmentation plan for 15 BEPS action points

CBDT Press Release states that India fully committed to conclusion of pending design of BEPS rules and to ensure the

Jan 10,2017

CBDT: Issues guidance on India-Sweden MoU provisions regarding tax-recovery suspension during MAP pendency

CBDT issues guidance on provisions of India-Sweden MoU dated Feb 3, 2013 regarding suspension of collection of taxes during Mutual

Jan 06,2017

Copy of the protocol amending India-Singapore treaty

Copy of the protocol amending India-Singapore treaty

Jan 02,2017

Revised India-Singapore treaty introduces capital gains tax similar to Mauritius & MAP for TP

India revises tax treaty with Singapore to provide capital gains taxation similar to revised India-Mauritius treaty; Revised treaty provides that capital gains

Dec 30,2016

India-Singapore sign revised DTAA

India-Singapore sign revised DTAA: Finance Ministry 

Dec 30,2016