India-Singapore sign revised DTAA

India-Singapore sign revised DTAA: Finance Ministry 

Dec 30,2016

HMRC targets offshore tax-evasion with new proposals, provides correction window till Sep' 18

UK HMRC releases draft legislation on “Tackling offshore tax evasion: requirement to correct” (‘RTC’) as per which taxpayers having undeclared UK tax

Dec 28,2016

OECD: Tally of bilateral relations for automatic exchange of information reaches 1,300

The count of bilateral relationships now stand at 1,300 with most of them been based on the Multilateral Competent Authority

Dec 23,2016

OECD - Monaco ratifies the multilateral tax convention to strengthen international tax co-operation

Monaco ratifies the Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters (‘the Convention’), thereby underlining  its commitment to fight tax evasion; This

Dec 19,2016

Revised India-Cyprus treaty expands PE scope, provides 10% tax-rate on royalty, FTS

Cyprus Govt. releases text of new India Cyprus DTAA signed on November 18th ;Apart from providing for source based taxation

Dec 15,2016

OECD Tax Talks emphasize game-changer MAP peer-reviews, Amans predicts US tax reforms

Fourth session of OECD’s Tax Talks provides an update on the inclusive framework on BEPS/ Multilateral Instrument (‘MLI’) for tax

Dec 14,2016

India affirms commitment to BEPS Action Plan 14, to release MAP statistics: MoS, Finance

Govt. proposes to disclose the number of disputes negotiated under the Mutual Agreement Procedures (‘MAPs’) of tax treaties along with the

Dec 10,2016

BRICS nations re-iterate base erosion concerns, discuss CbC implementation, back UN role

2 days meeting of BRICS' countries Revenue Heads concludes in Mumbai, discusses several contemporary tax issues including sharing of best

Dec 06,2016

OECD: Belgium displaces Germany in maximum new MAP cases, average disposal time improves

OECD's 2015 MAP statistics show decline in average completion time from 23.79 months in 2014 to 20.47 months in 2015

Dec 06,2016

Australian Govt. releases draft DPT law, carves-out sufficient ‘foreign-tax’ & ‘substance’ tests as exceptions

The Australian Government releases ‘Exposure draft Bill’  alongwith explanatory memorandum in order to introduce Diverted Profit Tax (DPT) provisions as

Dec 05,2016