OECD releases public comments on approaches addressing Banking/Insurance sectors’ BEPS-concerns under Action 4

OECD releases public comments on discussion draft dealing with approaches to address BEPS concerns posed by banking and insurance sectors under BEPS Action 4

Sep 22,2016

European-Commission completes 1st step towards new EU listing process for non-cooperative tax jurisdictions

European Commission gears up to draw its first common EU list of non-cooperative tax jurisdictions, presents a pre-assessment of all

Sep 17,2016

Donald Trump releases tax reform Plan, proposes corporate tax overhaul

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump releases his campaign proposals for tax law changes, says they will “Make America Great Again”, focuses

Sep 16,2016

Govt notifies India- Seychelles Tax Information Exchange Agreement

Government of India notifies agreement with Seychelles for facilitation of exchange of information relevant for determination, assessment and collection of

Sep 14,2016

OECD releases public comments on PE profit-attribution & profit-splits discussion drafts

OECD releases public comments on discussion drafts published on July 4, 2016 relating to attribution of profits to Permanent Establishments

Sep 12,2016

OECD’s Report to G20 touts AEOI success, Inclusive Framework significance, Multi-lateral Instrument progress

OECD Secretary General presents Report to G20 leaders on latest international tax developments at G20 Hangzhou, China Summit; Report consists

Sep 06,2016

European Commission's 'unprecedented' verdict rewrites Apple's history by changing laws retroactively - Apple CEO, Tim Cook

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, sends note to the Apple Community in Europe in the aftermath of European Commission’s verdict slapping

Aug 31,2016

European Commission slaps 13 billion Euros tax bill on Apple for violating EU state-aid rules

European Commission slaps Apple with 13 billion Euros tax bill after ruling that a special tax arrangement to route profits

Aug 30,2016

OECD releases public comments on design & operation of group-ratio rule under Action 4

OECD releases public comments on discussion draft dealing with the elements of design and operation of the group ratio rule under

Aug 29,2016

OECD – Tally of signatories to Multilateral Convention for tax co-operation touches 100

Burkina Faso, Malaysia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Samoa sign the Multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative

Aug 26,2016