Union Cabinet approves protocol to amend India-Portugal DTAA enabling tax info- exchange

Union Cabinet approves signing of Protocol amending India-Portugal DTAA; The Protocol will ensure prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to

Apr 19,2017

Belize and the Cayman Islands join the inclusive framework on BEPS

Belize and the Cayman Islands join the inclusive framework on BEPS

Apr 19,2017

UK HMRC to go digital for tackling tax loss from taxpayers' avoidable errors

UK HMRC releases policy paper on ‘Making Tax Digital for business’ (‘MTD’) under which businesses (including self-employed and landlords) are required to keep

Apr 18,2017

Australia gets tougher in combating multinational tax-avoidance, raises $2.9 billion MNE tax

Australian Govt. issues press release highlighting crackdown on multinational tax-avoidance; Highlights that Australian Taxation Office (‘ATO’) raised Australian $2.9 billion in tax liabilities against

Apr 13,2017

OECD’s 2016 Taxing Wages report reveals marginal decrease in tax/social security burden

OECD's Taxing Wages 2017 report highlights that average tax wedge (percentage of tax and social security contribution to labour cost)

Apr 12,2017

BEPS & dispute resolution focus areas on UN Tax-Committee’s 14th session agenda

14th session of UN Committee of Experts on International Cooperation in Tax Matters gets underway in New York between 3-6

Apr 05,2017

IMF/OECD Report highlights inconsistent tax-law implementation as major source for tax uncertainty

IMF/OECD release report on ‘Tax Certainty’ in response to G20 Leaders’ request, report explores nature of tax uncertainty, its main

Apr 03,2017

New US Treasury Secy.'s thumbs-up, ease of TP compliance burden dominate 'Tax Talks'

Fifth session of OECD’s Tax Talks elaborates on work done by the G20, Inclusive Framework on BEPS [including the Multilateral Instrument

Mar 31,2017

CBDT releases notification copy on ‘effective-date’ for third protocol amending India – Singapore DTAA

CBDT releases copy of notification on the third protocol, amending India – Singapore DTAA signed on December 30, 2016 and

Mar 28,2017