OECD claims tax transparency progress but near 'empty' tax haven list disappoints some

OECD releases outcome of "Fast-Track review process" to assess transparency standards of countries in the run-up to the G20 Summit scheduled on

Jun 28,2017

MLI dominates OECD’s recent tax talks; ‘Reservations-matching’ software to be out soon

Sixth session of OECD’s Tax Talks provides updates on the inclusive framework on BEPS, MLI, automatic exchange of information (‘AEOI’),

Jun 27,2017

EU approves Swedish tax breaks on ESOPs to aid start-ups with personnel-recruitment

The European Commission (‘EU’) approves a Swedish scheme to reduce the taxation of employee share options (‘ESOP’), under EU state

Jun 27,2017

OECD: Inclusive Framework meeting approves first monitoring report, claims success

OECD Release highlights results achieved at third meeting of the 'Inclusive Framework' on BEPS, that concluded yesterday in Netherlands; Meeting,

Jun 23,2017

OECD releases BEPS discussion drafts on PE profits attribution & transactional profit splits

OECD releases new/revised BEPS discussion drafts on PE profits attribution, transactional profit splits; Revises drafts issued in July 2016.

Jun 22,2017

Switzerland ratifies financial account information exchange with India and 40 other jurisdictions

Swiss Federal Council ratifies automatic exchange of financial accounts information with 41 countries including India under which first automatic exchange

Jun 16,2017

Mauritius to reform tax regime for global business companies, strengthens GBC1 substance rules

Mauritian Prime Minister during Budget 2017-18 speech announces that Mauritius will prepare 10 years blueprint on the financial services sector

Jun 09,2017

OECD releases key documents on MLI including FAQs and application toolkit

OECD releases key documents on MLI consisting of FAQs, application toolkit and information brochure

Jun 08,2017

Philip Baker on MLI: A 'great achievement' but doesn't signal 'tax peace'

Renowned international tax expert Philip Baker reacts to MLI signing, calls it a 'great achievement' to bring 60+ countries to

Jun 08,2017

OECD releases country positions on MLI; Mauritius defers signing till June 30

OECD releases country positions on MLI; Mauritius defers signing till June 30

Jun 07,2017