UN to explore separate article on FTS taxation in source country

UN Committee of Experts on International Cooperation to discuss taxation of services in its Eight Annual Session at Geneva tomorrow;

Oct 15,2012

India refuses to rubber stamp UN tax manual; Developing countries concerns ignored

India expresses strong reservations on UN Model Tax Convention; OECD principles not to be taken as ‘internationally accepted standards’; UN

Oct 08,2012

Govt notifies tax residency certificate for claiming treaty relief

Govt notifies 'tax residency certificate' (TRC) to be obtained by non-residents for claiming treaty relief; TRC to contain tax identification or other

Sep 26,2012

India signs TIEA with Liberia

India signs TIEA with Liberia 

Sep 21,2012

HMRC releases briefing on UK’s approach to tackling tax avoidance

HMRC releases briefing on UK’s approach to tackling tax avoidance; Enumerates effectiveness of ‘prevention-detection-counteraction’ approach; Outlines key strategies - Disclosure

Sep 10,2012

OECD's administrative assistance convention effective in India from June 2012

OECD's Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters becomes effective in India from June 1, 2012; Convention mooted with

Sep 03,2012

India signs TIEA with Guernsey

India signs TIEA with Guernsey 

Aug 14,2012

Revised Indo -Indonesia DTAA gives cap gains taxing rights to source State

Revised DTAA between India and Indonesia gives taxation rights in respect of capital gains on alienation of shares of a

Aug 01,2012

UK patent box splits opinion as Amazon moves global R&D to London

UK’s patent box believed to have contributed to Amazon’s decision to open Global R&D development centre in London; Opinions have

Jul 31,2012

HMRC's anti-avoidance Consultation paper proposes soft, 'objective' approach

HMRM proposes to expand exemption from application of look-through provisions for income of non-UK resident closely controlled companies; Govt proposes

Jul 31,2012