OECD seeks input on new tax rules requiring disclosure of CRS avoidance arrangements

OECD releases discussion draft on Mandatory Disclosure Rules for addressing arrangements which are designed to circumvent CRS (CRS Avoidance Arrangements)

Dec 13,2017

Indian Government comments on indirect transfer toolkit, urges extension to all assets

The Platform for Collaboration on Tax (‘PfCT’) – a joint initiative of the IMF, OECD, UN and World Bank Group

Dec 12,2017

OECD's peer-review report on spontaneous exchange of rulings cover 44 countries including India

OECD releases the first peer review on BEPS Action 5 (minimum standard) on spontaneous exchange of tax rulings such as

Dec 04,2017

OECD’s 2016 statistics reveal TP cases account for 50%+ of MAP inventory

OECD releases mutual agreement procedure (MAP) statistics for 2016 including data from over 65 jurisdictions; States that the 2016 statistics

Nov 28,2017

India's 50+ reservations on the revised OECD model tax convention

India's 50+ reservations on the revised OECD model tax convention

Nov 27,2017

OECD Council approves 2017 Update to Model Tax Convention; India introduces new 'reservations'

OECD Council approves the contents of the 2017 Update to the OECD Model Tax Convention (the OECD Model); The 2017

Nov 23,2017

UK mulls interim solutions for taxing digital economy transactions pending international consensus

UK HMRC releases position paper on the challenges posed by the digital economy for the corporate tax system and its

Nov 23,2017

OECD's EOI report rates India ‘largely compliant’, recommends improvements in request quality

OECD’s Global Forum publishes 6  peer review reports (including India) on the Standard of transparency and exchange of information on request, bringing

Nov 20,2017

Qatar becomes 115th jurisdiction to join Multilateral Convention on Tax Information Exchange

Qatar signs the Multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters and becomes the 115th jurisdiction to join the Convention ;

Nov 16,2017

African Ministers agree on ‘Yaounde Declaration’ to tackle illicit financial flows

African Ministers call for action to combat tax evasion and tackle illicit financial flows through international tax cooperation at the

Nov 16,2017