OECD tax talks highlight MLI matching results, public consultation on digitization

OECD’s Tax Talks seventh session provides an update on next steps on challenges of digitized economy, MLI, key findings of Action

Oct 23,2017

OECD releases Action 5 progress report on preferential regimes; Indian IP regime not harmful

OECD releases progress report on Preferential Regimes, as part of the BEPS Action Plan 5 peer review and monitoring process, report provides outcome

Oct 16,2017

Stakeholders apprehend additional guidance on PE-profit attribution would increase uncertainty & double taxation

OECD releases public comments on discussion draft providing additional guidance on attribution of profits to Permanent Establishments (‘PE’) under BEPS Action

Oct 11,2017

Vienna University launches Digital Economy Tax Foundation

WU Global Tax Policy Center at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (Wirtschafts universität Wien, WU), Singapore University of

Oct 11,2017

EU sets 2 years timeline for bilaterally resolving tax treaty disputes; Arbitration to follow

EU member states formally approve new rule for better resolution of tax disputes which will give taxpayers much more certainty when it comes

Oct 10,2017

OECD’s FTA plenary meet at Oslo focus on BEPS implementation, tackling shadow economy

11th Plenary meeting of the OECD Forum on Tax Administration (FTA) was held in Oslo, Norway between 27 - 29th

Oct 04,2017

10 key takeaways from OECD's peer review report on USA & BEPS Action Plan 14

10 key takeaways from OECD's peer review report on USA & BEPS Action Plan 14

Sep 27,2017

OECD releases first peer reviews on minimum standards implementation covering 6 countries

OECD releases Stage I peer review reports on implementation of BEPS minimum standards covering 6 countries viz. Belgium, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States; OECD highlights

Sep 26,2017

OECD seeks public input on tax challenges of digitalized economy

OECD invites public input on tax challenges of digitalized economy as a part of ongoing work of the Task Force on

Sep 22,2017

OECD updates IT-tools for information exchange under CRS, on CbCR & tax rulings

OECD releases updated and new IT-tools and guidance supporting technical implementation of tax information exchange under the Common Reporting Standard (CRS), on

Sep 21,2017