Conversion of Stock-in-Trade into Capital Asset

February 05,2018
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CA Dr. Vardhaman Jain

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  • vswami on Jun 17,2018

    ADD-on For an attempt at dilation / elaboration of the Pr. Comments >

  • vswami on Jun 16,2018

    An UPDATE: 1. Re. the points raised wrt the change of 'BASE YEAR' as effected for AY 2018-19, may look up the since published article on the website of 2. On the implications of certain other closely related amendments of sec 23 and sec 71- though not discussed in this write-up, but done so @ for related thoughts and view shared wrt the input @ may be independently examined, further ; with a view to ascertaining and sharing more thoughts for or against the said amendments, in so far as those are of specific concern to 'realtors' themselves. For intended helping clue in the matter refer, -

  • vswami on Feb 27,2018

    @ 'karteek' - on the point of doubt raised, - remaining unresponded to- if not for anything else, the FM should be thanked for the generosity in prima facie avoiding incidence of 'double taxation'. Be that as it may, as per the earlier comment there are other related angles, calling for a deeper study and multi-dimensional understanding of the fuller implications, the amendments entail !