Conversion of Stock-in-Trade into Capital Asset

February 05,2018
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CA Dr. Vardhaman Jain

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  • vswami on Feb 27,2018

    @ 'karteek' - on the point of doubt raised, - remaining unresponded to- if not for anything else, the FM should be thanked for the generosity in prima facie avoiding incidence of 'double taxation'. Be that as it may, as per the earlier comment there are other related angles, calling for a deeper study and multi-dimensional understanding of the fuller implications, the amendments entail !

  • vswami on Feb 27,2018

    OFFHAND For clues on the finer implications of the 2018 amendments, anyone concerned may look up the eminent views shared by Experts in field practice > In this context, on the points of view in regard to the aspect of 'indexation' , suggest to go through and consider the not-so-obvious implications of a related aspect- namely, the earlier amendments of the law wrt -changes in basis for reckoning CII and the Shift of "Base Year". For help, if so inclined, may look up the Posts on FB and LInkedin, also elsewhere, in public domain

    • KARTEEK on Mar 12,2018

      Thanks for your response !!

  • Karteek on Feb 20,2018

    I have one question: When there is conversion of stock in trade to capital asset then do we have two taxes i.e. capital gain (when capital asset is sold) and business income (when conversion of stock in trade to capital asset) ?