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ITAT: Allows deduction from salary income towards notice pay recovered by previous employers

Ahmedabad ITAT allows deduction to assessee-employee with respect to notice pay recovered from his salary by previous employers

Apr 21,2017

4 Tribunal Members promoted as ITAT Vice-Presidents

Four senior ITAT members promoted as Tribunal Vice-Presidents, given charges of

Apr 01,2017

ITAT: Reebok’s ‘Rights-fee’ payment to ICC granting advertising, marketing rights, not royalty

Delhi ITAT holds that ‘Rights fee’ payment to International Cricket Council (ICC) [a resident of British Virgin Islands]

Mar 23,2017

30+ amendments to Finance Bill, 2017 introduced in the Lok Sabha

Govt. proposes over 30 amendments to Finance Bill, 2017 relating to income

Mar 22,2017

CJI asks Govt. to give major tax cases details to reduce pendency

PTI reports that Chief Justice of India J.S. Khehar has written to the Finance Ministry, asking for details

Feb 23,2017

ITAT: Outbound call-center's IPLC & connectivity payments to US-vendors outside royalty/FTS scope

Delhi ITAT holds that payment by assessee (an Indian outbound call centre) to US entities on account of International

Feb 08,2017

ITAT: Upholds PE-constitution for 24 GE Group entities, considers expats job description/appraisal reports

Delhi ITAT upholds Revenue's claim for constitution of fixed place PE as well as dependent agent PE for

Jan 30,2017

SC: Loose paper-sheets "irrelevant, inadmissible" evidence; Rejects investigation plea in Sahara/Birla case

SC dismisses petition filed by Shanti Bhushan & Prashant Bhushan, seeking constitution of Special Investigation Team, directing investigation

Jan 19,2017