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ITAT: Rejects taxation of salary accrued outside India despite failure to furnish TRC

Bangalore ITAT holds that salary received in India by assessee (non-resident individual) for services rendered in USA not

Nov 06,2018

ITAT: Liquidation of stock under ESOP, taxable as 'capital gains', not 'perquisite'

Chennai ITAT rejects AO's stand of taxing entire amount received by assessee (an employee of an Indian company having US

Nov 06,2018

ITAT: Seconded employees salary reimbursements, not FIS / FTS; Distinguishes Centrica ruling

Delhi ITAT rules that reimbursement payments (for salary and other costs) made to US company for

Nov 05,2018

HC: TDS u/s 195 inapplicable on commission to non-resident agents despite some sale happened in India

Gujarat HC upholds ITAT order and deletes Sec. 40(a)(i) disallowance made by AO for TDS non-deduction on commission

Oct 26,2018

ITAT: Applying beneficial provisions of Act for one source & treaty for another permissible

While determining service PE threshold, Mumbai ITAT rejects AO's aggregation of number of days of visit by employees of the assessee (a Singaporean

Oct 19,2018

ITAT: Rejects capital-gains on land introduced upon firm's corporatisation and converted into stock-in-trade

Chennai ITAT deletes capital gains addition upon sale of portions of land (earlier converted from capital asset to stock

Oct 19,2018

ITAT: Hedging contracts with Banks, non-speculative; Allows deduction for premium & interest

Delhi ITAT allows deduction  to assessee co. for amount incurred towards premium and interest components under the hedging contract

Oct 11,2018

ITAT: Sec 40(a)(i) disallowance provision cannot be read into Mauritius treaty while computing PE profits

Delhi ITAT rejects AO's invocation of Sec. 40(a)(i) disallowance for non-deduction of TDS on salaries paid by assessee

Oct 10,2018

ITAT: Co-op. Society's rental income from mobile towers, house property income, not IFOS

Mumbai ITAT accepts assessee co-operative society's claim of treating income from letting out space on the building terrace

Oct 10,2018

HC: Upholds penalty; Sale & lease back transaction, 'hurriedly planned act' to claim 100% depreciation

Madras HC upholds penalty levy with respect to depreciation disallowance on machinery for AY 1996-97, holds that assessee-lessor

Oct 09,2018