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ITAT: FTC eligible on 'income', not 'gross-receipts'; Allows taxpayer's claim considering 'unique' facts

Ahmedabad ITAT allows foreign tax credit (‘FTC’) claimed by assessee (an Indian company engaged in software development) in

Jan 11,2017

Copy of the protocol amending India-Singapore treaty

Copy of the protocol amending India-Singapore treaty

Jan 02,2017

ITAT: Directs fresh investigation into Kalaignar TV 2G money trail; "Source can't be farce"

Chennai ITAT remits Kalainagar TV’s 2G matter involving Rs. 200 cr ‘unexplained cash credit’ addition u/s

Jan 02,2017

CBDT issues circular, seeks to clarify indirect transfers related ambiguities

CBDT issues clarification, answers 19 questions on indirect transfer provisions

Dec 21,2016

Govt. rescinds Cyprus notification u/s 94A

Government rescinds 2013 notification issued u/s 94A treating Cyprus as a non-cooperative jurisdiction; Government states that earlier notification

Dec 16,2016

SC: Dismisses Revenue’s SLP against Uttarakhand HC's ONGC ruling

SC dismisses Revenue’s SLP against Uttarakhand HC order in the case of ONGC;  HC had dismissed Revenue's

Dec 02,2016

ITAT: ‘Unpaid service tax’ though not routed through P&L a/c triggers Sec 43B disallowance

Ahmedabad ITAT upholds Sec 43B disallowance on unpaid service tax for AY 2006-07 in case of an Electricity

Nov 21,2016

ITAT: Quashes DRP-dismissal; Filing only a scanned copy of Form 35A, a curable defect

Mumbai ITAT quashes DRP's dismissal of assessee's application u/s 144C(13) on the ground

Nov 18,2016

ITAT: India-Swiss treaty protocol doesn’t allow automatic application of restrictive Portuguese FTS definition

Ahmedabad ITAT rules that technical/consultancy service payments by assessee (an Indian Pharma co.) during AY 2008-09 to a

Nov 18,2016