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ITAT: Treats Charitable Trust's rentals from Kalyanamandapam, as income from property under Trust

Chennai ITAT rejects Revenue's stand that property (i.e. Kalyanamandapam) built by assessee (a charitable Trust) subsequent to its

Jan 10,2019

HC: Allows Sec 80IA benefit to Vodafone on revenue from fibre cables/cell sites sharing

Delhi HC allows deduction u/s 80IA(2A) to Vodafone Mobile Communications Ltd on income from sharing fibre cables and

Jan 09,2019

HC: Settlement of ESOP-shares by settlor, assessable as 'capital-gains' in Trust's hands

Bombay HC upholds ITAT order, rules that income arising to assessee-trust from sale of shares during AY 2010-11

Jan 09,2019

ITAT: Auditor not 'accountant' for share valuation under Rule 11UA; Affirms AO's NAV based valuation

Bangalore ITAT rules that the auditor cannot be an accountant for the purposes of Rule 11UA (2) [dealing

Jan 08,2019

ITAT: Partners remuneration deductible u/s. 40(b)(v) despite 'quantum' not specified in partnership deed

Mumbai ITAT allows assessee-firm's claim of remuneration paid to its partners during AY 2014-15, rejects Revenue's stand that

Jan 07,2019

ITAT: Remands convertible preference shares valuation for taxation u/s. 56(2)(viib) by determining 'true' nature of shares

Bangalore ITAT restores matter on taxability u/s. 56(2)(viib) for excess share premium received by assessee co. upon issue

Jan 04,2019

ITAT: Service-tax / R&D cess borne by Indian service recipient, non-taxable in NR's hands

Mumbai ITAT rules that the element of Service Tax and Research & Development Cess which is collected, paid

Jan 04,2019

ITAT: Income-tax computation sheet, not assessment order unless preceded by order computing taxable income

Chandigarh ITAT rules that income tax computation sheet cannot be treated as an assessment order “unless and until

Jan 02,2019

ITAT: Deduction u/s 80IC – 'undertaking' specific; Allows claim before loss set-off from other eligible-units

Chandigarh ITAT allows assessee-company's claim of deduction u/s. 80-IC (available for undertaking in special area) vis-à-vis profits earned by

Jan 02,2019

ITAT: Disallows Law-firm's sponsorships towards media event ; No 'triumph' for celebrating Achievements

Delhi ITAT upholds CIT(A)'s order disallowing a portion of the conference expenses relating to amount spent on party

Dec 27,2018