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ITAT: No PE in India on account of subsidiary's marketing services

Marketing services in India by subsidiary do not create PE in India for US parent company, Indian sales on principal

Jun 22,2011

ITAT: Turnkey contract revenue taxable

Revenues from turnkey contract with AAI for ‘air traffic system’ taxable in India: Delhi ITAT 

Jun 20,2011

ITAT: Commission for business support services by UK parent taxable as business income

Commission paid for 'assistance in arranging cargo transportation' was taxable in India on account of 'business connection': Mumbai ITAT 

Jun 10,2011

Infy not eligible for tax holiday on portion of onsite revenues

Infy not eligible for tax holiday on portion of onsite revenues 

Jun 07,2011

HC: Transfer of ' Right to Carry on Business ' taxable as Capital Gains, not Business Income

Transfer of  'intangible assets' with' right to carry on business' taxable as ‘capital gains’ and not ‘business income’ – Delhi

Jun 06,2011

HC: Re-assessment u/s 147 on ‘new’ issues not allowed

Re-assessment u/s 147 not permissible on new issues if issues raised in re-assessment notice accepted by AO

Jun 04,2011

ITAT: Outsourced recruitment related services eligible for tax holiday u/s 10A

Outsourced recruitment related services carried from STP are 'customized electronic data', eligible for tax holiday u/s 10A

Jun 03,2011

ITAT: Set-off of pre AY 2006-07 derivative losses allowed against derivative income of later years

Set-off of pre AY 2006-07 speculative losses from derivatives allowed against derivative income earned in later years

May 31,2011

AAR: Employee deputation taxable as FTS under IT Act and Treaty

Salary reimbursement to parent company for employees deputed to Indian subsidiary taxable as ‘managerial services’ under India-US treaty: AAR 

May 31,2011

ITAT:  FII income taxable as Capital gain, not ‘speculative’ income

FII income taxable as ‘capital gain’ & not business income; Derivative income of FIIs cannot be treated as ‘speculative’ business

May 30,2011