Copenhageners & Bicycles!

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Day 1 of IFA Congress on Sunday had 2 main points on agenda: Opening ceremony and learning everything one needed to know about Copenhagen. This blog is all about the latter! It was enthralling to listen to a 45 minute presentation and talk on Copenhagen by Steen Jakobsen ( Convention Director, Wonderful Copenhagen ), which included every minute detail about Denmark's capital city - right from what the word 'Copenhagen' means (trade harbour) to the Danish monarchy ( which i learnt was even older than the British! ) I sure did enhance my knowledge about the city and cm1_400Danes...The most fascinating part, however was about the Danes' love for bicycles. Around 55% of Copenhageners ride much so that there are 40,000 more bicycles than the entire population of Copenhagen! It seems this has even inspired Danish politicians, as we were told that 63% of Denmark's parliamentarians ride bicycle to attend Parliament! I sure am itching to get a ride on one of the bicycles..