75% want EU action on the fight against tax fraud

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A recent survey (conducted by the the European Parliament) showed that 75% of respondents wanted more EU action on the fight against tax fraud.  This is marginally higher than other issues like migration (74%) and protection of external borders (71%).  This 'Special Eurobarometer' of the European Parliament was conducted in the 28 Member States of the European Union, from 9 to 18 April 2016, by TNS opinion.

It is interesting that such a high percentage of population feels about tax frauds despite BEPS, anti-avoidance and several other transparency measures already taking place in last 3-4 years world-over including in the EU.  It also shows that tax clearly is on the minds of common citizens too. The policy markers and organisations like OECD will have to work more to address the public perception relating to tax policy and tax frauds.