CBDT Corner

CBDT: Mandates Forms 15G/15H filing for every new investment

CBDT issues clarification on furnishing of self-declaration in amended Forms 15G/15H (to be submitted by taxpayers seeking non-deduction of TDS

May 31,2017

CBDT extends SFT filing due-date to June 30

CBDT extends the due date for furnishing of the statement of financial transactions ('SFT') under Rule  114E(S) read with sub-section

May 31,2017

CBDT - Can't assess minor’s income in grandparents’ hands where both parents are deceased

CBDT clarifies that the income of minor should be assessed in his own hands in cases where both the parents

May 30,2017

CBDT updates the list of Sec. 10 corporations eligible for TDS waiver

CBDT issues revised list of entities for exemption from TDS, supersedes earlier circulars - 4/2002 and 7/2015; Earlier circulars laid

May 29,2017

Arbind Modi among 5 CCITs promoted to Principal CCIT post

CBDT promotes 5 Chief Commissioners of Income-tax (‘CCIT’) to the post of Principal CCIT with effect from the date of

May 29,2017

CBDT constitutes committee to recommend measures for ‘expeditious recovery of tax arrears’

CBDT constitutes a 7-member committee to recommend measures for expeditious recovery of tax arrears under the chairmanship of Pr. DGIT

May 29,2017

CBDT clarifies financial transaction (SFT) registration not necessary absent ‘reportable transactions’

CBDT issues clarification with respect to filing of Statement of Financial Transaction (‘SFT’) & SFT Preliminary Response; CBDT states that

May 26,2017

CBDT announces local transfers / postings for 100+ Asst./Dy. CITs

CBDT announces local transfers/postings of 104 Assistant / Deputy Commissioners of Income-tax, with immediate effect  

May 19,2017

CBDT: Launches ‘Operation Clean Money’ portal, plans ‘targeted campaign’ in Phase II

CBDT today launches the portal of Operation Clean Money (https://www.cleanmoney.gov.in), Operation Clean Money was initiated on January 31, 2017 for

May 16,2017

CBDT releases draft ICDS on real-estate transactions, proposes deviations from ICAI guidance-note

CBDT releases draft Income Computation and Disclosure Standard (ICDS) on "Real Estate Transactions" for public consultation; The draft ICDS is based

May 11,2017