CBDT Corner

CBDT clarifies Sec.195 TDS applicable only to taxable portion & not whole sum

CBDT issues Instruction No.2/2014 clarifying TDS applicability u/s. 195 only on portion of foreign remittances representing sum "chargeable to tax"

Mar 12,2014

CBDT ex-post facto extends due-date of filing TDS/TCS statements for Government deductors

CBDT extends due-date of filing TDS/TCS statements to March 31, 2014 for  Government deductors, in view of special circumstances; Extension with respect to

Mar 05,2014

CBDT releases tentative mandatory transfer list for CITs and Add/Joint Commissioners

CBDT initiates Annual General Transfer - 2014 process, releases tentative "Mandatory Transfer List"; List contains names of 20 Commissioners and

Mar 03,2014

CBDT announces CIT, CCIT promotions

CBDT announces CIT, CCIT promotions 

Feb 21,2014

CBDT amends 'bonds issue limit' by notified public sector companies u/s 10(15)

CBDT amends 'bonds issue limit' by notified public sector companies u/s 10(15) 

Feb 20,2014

CBDT Clarification - No additional income tax on MF redemption receipts/bonus issue

Additional income tax u/s 115R to be levied on income distributed by way of dividend to unit-holders, not receipts from

Feb 13,2014

CBDT Clarification - Actual exempt income receipt during year irrelevant to apply Sec 14A disallowance

CBDT issues circular, clarifies that Sec 14A expense disallowance applicable even where taxpayer has not earned exempt income in that

Feb 13,2014

CBDT further extends ITR-V submission due date for e-returns of AY 2009-10, AY 2010-11 and AY 2011-12

CBDT further extends deadline for filing of ITR-V for e-returns relating to AY 2009-10, AY 2010-11 and AY 2011-12 till

Feb 11,2014

CBDT Clarification: Interest on Refunds a statutory obligation, not violative of Constitution

CBDT issues clarification on large amounts paid as interest on income tax refunds; Newspaper reports have quoted Parliamentary Committee report

Feb 10,2014

CBDT: New PAN allotment procedure put on hold, old procedure to continue

CBDT decides to keep in abeyance the decision to change procedure for PAN allotment till further orders; Under the proposed

Jan 31,2014